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Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z Mic Activator 0000000000000

The Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z mic activator uses phantom power from your preamp to solve an array of common issues with dynamic and ribbon microphones while maximizing your signal's quality, making it a must-have box for your studio or live toolset. It's designed to be a middleman between your mic and preamp, maximizing signal quality while driving long cable runs. The direct-coupled, discrete JFET circuitry preserves your signal's integrity while the Cloudlifter CL-Z goes to work. You get control over the input impedance to get the best out of any mic, and a variable output level (+12 to +24dB) so you can drive even the longest cable runs with ease. You even get a variable low-cut filter to clean up your signal before it ever graces your preamp. Whether you run live sound or just use a variety mics on a daily basis in your studio, you'll love working with the Cloudlifter CL-Z mic activator! == Dial in character with variable input impedance loading == The Cloudlifter CL-Z provides up to 25dB of clean gain, variable input impedance, and a variable highpass filter. Cloud's patented Vari-Z impedance control is sweepable from 150 ohms to 15k ohms and allows you to creatively load a mic's output transformer, opening up a broad range of tonal variations for each microphone. == Noise-free amplification == Many preamps sound great until you push them, when all of the hiss and crackle produced by the amplifier itself end up in the mix. The gain boost provided by your Cloudlifter lets your mic preamp work more efficiently, allowing you to get the levels you need, without the noise. == Totally transparent boost == Cloud Microphones designed their Cloudlifter series around direct-coupled, discrete JFET circuitry, engineered to preserve the natural sound of your mics. So, no matter how dramatic of an impact this transparent technology may have on your tone, you can be sure you're really just hearing your mic at its best. == Instant ribbon preamp mod == Ribbon mics are wonderful, but many microphone preamplifiers are simply too weak to get enough signal out of them. A Cloudlifter Mic Activator will turn your preamp's harmful phantom power into as much as +25dB of extra gain, turning even a budget model into an effective ribbon preamp. == Essential for long cable runs == If you work in a large, multi-room studio or an auditorium, you won't believe what a difference a Cloudlifter will make. With its extra gain boost to drive your signal, even cable runs over hundreds of feet won't drain the life out of your sound.

Prijs: €372.00 van KeyMusic

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