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Image of Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords 9781405287067

Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords 9781405287067

A GORGEOUSLY GOTHIC, WICKEDLY FUNNY NEW SERIES FROM WITCH WARS ILLUSTRATOR LAURA ELLEN ANDERSON Amelia Fang is the biggest hearted vampiress you'll ever meet. In this adventure, she and her friends Florence the yeti (DON'T CALL HER BEAST),...

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Image of Ask Oscar 9781405287227

Ask Oscar 9781405287227

A brilliantly funny new series from Dirty Bertie author, Alan MacDonald, featuring a pig on a bike, a Poopomatic, and a talking dog! Meet Oscar. He's no ordinary dog . . . Sam has wanted a dog for AGES, so when Oscar turns up on this doorstep he...

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Image of Star in the Jar 9781405284301

Star in the Jar 9781405284301

An enchanting bedtime story for toddlers, perfect for fans of Oliver Jeffers' How To Catch a Star. Up high, in the dark, dark sky . . . a message: LOST, ONE SMALL STAR.  When a little boy stumbles across a special star, he puts it in a jar and...

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