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Image of Drawmer 1960 5060420660098

Drawmer 1960 5060420660098

There is little doubt in the minds of many engineers and producers that vacuum tubes possess a unique sound quality providing a "warmer, more alive" sound. Combining eight active tube stages and the low noise and reliability of solid state electronics,...

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Image of Drawmer 1961 5060420660104

Drawmer 1961 5060420660104

It has long been recognized that vacuum tubes impart a unique 'warmth' and 'musicality' to an audio signal, but many of the 'classic' tube equalizers fall short of the technical performance demanded in today's digital recording age. Designed to complement...

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Image of Drawmer 1968 MKII 5060420660111

Drawmer 1968 MKII 5060420660111

Blend valves and FETs for quality compression. The 1968 MkII is a 1U Tube/FET 'stereo bus' compressor which by design delivers a transparent 'open' sound even during periods of heavy compression. The original Drawmer 1960 used a tube stage at the front...

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Image of Drawmer 1969 5060420660128

Drawmer 1969 5060420660128

The 1969 Vacuum Tube Compressor Pre-Amplifier derives from a collaboration between two of the audio industry's most established names, Drawmer (UK) and Mercenary Audio (USA). When Ivor Drawmer rose to the challenge of outspoken US producer/engineer 'Fletcher'...

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Image of Drawmer 1973 5060420660357

Drawmer 1973 5060420660357

The award winning 1973 is a multi-band compressor with the versatility, control and ability to shape sound that no full band compressor could ever provide and at an affordable price. Expanding on the renowned range of dynamics processors Drawmer introduce...

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Image of Drawmer 1978 5060420660388

Drawmer 1978 5060420660388

The award winning Drawmer 1978 builds on the success of the 1973 multiband FET compressor and adorns an unparalleled array of controls to give complete mastering over your mix, and all in a deceptively simple 1U frame. In addition to the usual Ratio,...

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Image of Drawmer CMC2 5060420660425

Drawmer CMC2 5060420660425

The CMC2 is a compact monitor controller that has been designed to provide the same top quality audio, transparency and accuracy of Drawmer's other monitor controllers, such as the MC2.1 and MC3.1, whilst retaining all the necessary features that the...

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Image of Drawmer MC1.1 5060420660371

Drawmer MC1.1 5060420660371

Hot on the heels of the Drawmer MC2.1 well known for its functionality and transparency comes its new sibling the MC1.1 Monitor Preamp, offering the same fantastic sound but with a revised feature set more suitable for a less complex post production booth...

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Image of Drawmer MC2.1 5060420660333

Drawmer MC2.1 5060420660333

It is imperative that what you record is exactly what you hear - this is the philosophy that is at the heart of the design of the MC2.1 Monitor Controller. With the Drawmer MC2.1 Monitor Controller incorporated into your system you combine the clarity,...

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Image of Drawmer MC3.1 5060420660401

Drawmer MC3.1 5060420660401

Building on the success of the MC2.1, the MC3.1 Monitor Controller is just as accurate and transparent and of the same build quality. It can still faithfully reproduce what has been recorded without colouring the sound, but comes with a much expanded...

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